Service, Repair, Design and Custom Manufacturing of Transformers

Service, Repair, Design and Custom Manufacturing of Transformers

Serving All Transformers Types

Custom Transformer Manufacturing



Brandon and Clark’s custom transformers offer superior lead time along with the advantage of being a tailored-made solution to match your specifications. Custom manufacturing can save time and money ensuring that your unit is a direct drop-in replacement preventing unnecessary modifications to your facility.

Types of Transformers we can Manufacture

  • Padmount
  • Dry type
  • Secondary station class (Throat to Throat)

Dry Type Transformers


Quality Repair Process

All dry type transformer repairs are performed with class H high temperature materials including coils that have undergone the VPI process. Vacuum pressure impregnation or “VPI” provides a superior insulation system.  VPI-ing will pull out the microscopic air bubbles in the varnish coating, which is responsible for damaging corona discharge that can significantly degrade the life of the transformer. It is not enough to “dip and bake” the coils, it must be VPI-ed to provide a reliable insulation system.

Repair Saves Time and Money

Choosing to repair your dry type transformer can significantly save you time and money as compared to purchasing a new unit by reusing as much of the original materials as possible. Repairing also ensures that the unit will fit in its original location without concern about changing connection points or its surrounding environment, avoiding costly modification efforts.


  • Changing primary and secondary voltages
  • KVA
  • K-factor rating
  • Converting designs to copper conductor material
  • Install cooling fans
  • Custom spare manufacturing

Padmount Transformers


Brandon and Clark provides a wide range of services for padmount transformers. 


  • Repair
  • Recondition and rewind 35-kV class 200-kV BIL
  • Conversions : voltages, KVA, physical configuration
  • Custom manufacturing
  • Failure analysis
  • Drain valve relocation
  • Cooling fan additions
  • Installation of oil sampling kits
  • On-site services

Polemount Transformers



  • Repair
  • Recondition
  • Redesign
  • .5 – 500 KVA
  • 35-kV class 200-kV BIL
  • Recondition and rewind units receive new mineral oil or FR3 fluid
  • New copper windings
  • New de-energized tap changer
  • High voltage bushing terminal caps and low voltage plating get sandblasted, painted and all gaskets are replaced
  • Coils go through a dehydration process for moisture reduction
  • IEEE/ANSI testing and design standards
  • Rebuilt critical stock available
  • Rectifier repair services available

Electrical tests include:

  • Transformer turns ratio (TTR)
  • Insulation resistance
  • Applied potential (hi-pot)
  • Induced potential (double induced)
  • Load, no-load test

Power Transformers



  • Repair
  • Recondition
  • Redesign
  • Rewind
  • Conventional capabilities: 30 MVA, 161 kV class, 350 kV BIL
  • Auto capabilities: 50 MVA, 161 kV, class 650 kV BIL
  • Coil construction layer, helical, disc
  • Hi-density insulation used for cylinders, barriers, blocks, key spacers and core insulation
  • Copper wire has either a dennision or a nomex insulation
  • Re-insulate core
  • Minor rebuild or a complete overall on load tap changer
  • Upgrade control components
  • Replace old conduit
  • Upgrade radiators to de-mountable style
  • Upgrade gauges and bushings
  • Core and coil are dehydrated for moisture reduction
  • All gaskets are replaced and radiator flange valves are re-packed
  • Tank and radiators get a new paint job and detail package

Mobile Transformers

Brandon and Clark is capable of serving all your mobile transformer equipment needs. 

  • Repair, Recondition, Redesign and Rewind
  • 30 MVA, 161 kV class, 350 kV BIL
  • IEEE/ANSI testing and standards
  • FR3 fluid and mineral oil
  • Install and upgrade equipment onto a new or existing trailer
  • Install bushings, lightning arrestors, gauges
  • New bus structure
  • Reclosers installation and repair
  • Potential transformers
  • Current transformers
  • Distribution transformers
  • Relay equipment
  • Battery charger
  • Nitrogen system
  • New copper windings
  • Electric motor repair and service
  • Fan motors repair
  • High quality polyurethane paint that is designed to prevent rust and corrosion
  • Doble testing available




  • Repair
  • Recondition
  • Redesign
  • IEEE/ANSI testing and design standards
  • Cooper Authorized Service center
  • Units are refilled with FR3 fluid and mineral oil
  • New copper windings
  • Core/coil go through a dehydration process for moisture reduction
  • All new gaskets
  • Thorough inspection of tap changer mechanism
  • Control repair available
  • CRA upgrade kit available
  • Doble testing available
  • PT rewind available
  • Mail coil rewinds
  • VPI technology



Regular recloser maintenance can help to preserve the reliability of your operations. 

  • Repair and Recondition
  • Amp redesign
  • Single and three phase
  • All new Cooper replacement parts
  • Failure analysis
  • IEEE/ANSI testing and design standards
  • Upgrade kits available
  • VPI technology
  • Phenix testing
  • All new gaskets
  • Liner inspection
  • All moving parts are checked for wear and tear, sticking, proper gaping for free moving operation.
  • Stationary contacts, trip coils and closing coil are inspected for cracks and wear and tear
  • Refilled with new mineral oil
  • Repaint and detailed

Reserve Auxiliary


Reserve Auxiliary Transformer End-to-End Solutions:

  • Repair, Recondition, Rewind
  • Recommissioning services
  • In-Field testing and repair
  • Preventative maintenance service

Benefits of Repair vs New

  • “Will Fit” advantage
  • Connection points remain unchanged
  • Bushing heights remain unchanged
  • Reduce the risk of altering the impedance level
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Cost savings