Recloser Service and Repair

Complete Recloser Services

  • Repair
  • Recondition
  • Amp redesign
  • Single and three phase
  • All new Cooper replacement parts
  • Failure analysis
  • IEEE/ANSI testing and design standards
  • Upgrade kits available
  • VPI technology
  • Phenix testing
  • All new gaskets
  • Liner inspection
  • All moving parts are checked for wear and tear, sticking, proper gaping for free moving operation.
  • Stationary contacts, trip coils and closing coil are inspected for cracks and wear and tear
  • Refilled with new mineral oil
  • Repaint and detailed


  • Applied potential (hi-pot)
  • Curves and time delays

Copies of test results, quality assurance sheet and inspection report are included with newly repaired unit

Maintenance = Reliability

Regular recloser maintenance preserves the reliability of operations at peak efficiency. Uninterrupted service means a better financial bottom dollar and happier customers.  You have already made a large capital investment in the purchase of your recloser to help you manage outages, why not make sure you collect the full dividends of your investment by regularly performing maintenance of your equipment? Keep your distribution switchgear operating with the reliability that you and your customers depend on.