Whether you’re purchasing a new air system or in need of service, rest assured that you will receive the service and customer care that you deserve from Brandon & Clark. Our knowledgeable staff can help choose the air system options that are right for you and your business. We make air simple.

Capabilities at a Glance

  • Sales
  • Service
  • Repair
  • Portable air compressors
  • Single stage reciprocating
  • Two stage reciprocating
  • Single stage rotary screw
  • Two stage rotary screw
  • Variable capacity rotary screw
  • Variable speed rotary screw
  • Two-stage high pressure rotary screw
  • Oil free rotary screw
  • Rotary screw heat recovery system
  • Point of use dryers
  • Contaminate removal condensate drains
  • Contaminate removal oil/water separators
  • Filters, mist eliminators and lubricants
  • Piping systems to point of use
  • Rotary screw vacuum pump
  • AirTility services
  • Air audits
  • Flow controllers
  • System monitoring through eConnect and remote PLC
  • Flow logic flow controllers
  • Service agreements

We Make Air Simple

Did you know that compressed air is considered as the fifth utility after water, electricity, heating and cooling? It is also the only utility that is completely up to you to produce for your company or application. Your investment in an air system is an important decision and we want to help you in that purchasing process. Rely on our expertise to help you choose the equipment that can optimize your efforts to:

  • Lower power consumption
  • Lower service cost
  • Increase performance and reliability

Air Audits

Brandon and Clark’s Air Audits will review your entire compressed air system to identify ways to maximize efficiency; reduce waste, and reduce energy, maintenance, and equipment costs. Air audits provide you with the most accurate data possible on the current system conditions to help:

  • Manage your system
  • Identify needed component upgrades
  • Ensure the entire system is operating as it should

Air audits have been known to:

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Receive documentation on power usage and your system’s interrelationships
  • Can be conducted without downtime or disruption to productivity

Preventative Maintenance

Brandon and Clark offers annual air compressor maintenance contracts to help you prevent costly equipment failures, keep your equipment running at premium efficiency and meet manufacture warranty requirements.

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