Compressed Air, Designed the Way You Need It.

Compressed Air, Designed the Way You Need It.

Featured above is a custom contained air system for a cotton gin, though designed for a specific application, this design can be applied to other applications where space inside a facility is restricted and/or where there is excessive dirt in the environment. 

Project Portfolio

Solving Compressed Air System Problems Caused by Dirt and Debris in a Cotton Gin


In a cotton gin, one of the most vital components is its compressed air system. All of the pneumatic equipment depends on clean, reliable air in order to operate as designed. It’s no surprise that in the heat of the ginning season, a lot of dust and debris is flying around all the equipment. Often times, production of cotton must be stopped in order to blow down equipment and or emergency service is needed for the compressors. Even when you do regularly clean, dust can still hinder your maximum output potential.  Therein lies a custom solution from Brandon and Clark. We will take your entire compressed air system outside of the gin into a self-contained structure keeping the air system virtually free of debris.

As a turn-key solution, Brandon and Clark integrates all the compressed air system components including the dryer and compressor into the building, along with proper ventilation so equipment will remain at a good operating temperature, and we provide all the electrical and air pipe necessary to connect to the gin. This not only frees up valuable floorspace within the gin, it also enables a clean environment for the compressed air system to operate and enables a safe workspace for maintenance to the compressors.

Solution Highlight:

  • Self-contained structure that is virtually free of dust and debris.
  • Safer work environment to perform maintenance tasks.
  • Frees up valuable floorspace within the gin.
  • Ventilated for equipment temperature control
  • Lighted
  • A total turn-key solution

Installed Equipment

FS Curtis 40 HP Base Mount Rotary Screw Air Compressor

  • 173 CFM @ 125 PSI
  • 460 3 Phase
  • Single Stage
  • Air Cooled
  • 40 HP TEFC Motor
  • Wye-Delta Starter
  • Moisture Separator
  • PSID Indicator Gauges
  • Open Canopy

200 CFM Refrigerated Air Dryer

  • Non-Cycling
  • 200 CFM @ 232 Max PSI
  • 460 3 Phase
  • Pre Filter Package
  • After Filter Package
  • 3-Way Manual Bypass for Service

200 Gallon Vertical “Wet” Receiver Tank

  • 150 PSI ASME Certified Rating
  • Pressure Safety Valve
  • Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge
  • Fittings Provided to Accommodate 50′ Hose Reel for Blow Down Air
  • Primer Grey exterior coating

660 Gallon Vertical “Dry” Receiver Tank

  • 150 PSI ASME Certified Rating
  • Pressure Safety Valve
  • Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge
  • Primer Grey Exterior Coating

1-1/2″ Rapid Air Fast Pipe

  • Extruded Aluminum Piping
  • Anodized Interior
  • Powder Coated Exterior
  • Modular Design

Shipping Container Ventilation and Heating

  • 36″ Shutter Mount Exhaust Fan
  • 60″ x 36″ Flanged Intake Louver w/ Bird Screen and Filtration
  • Thermostat Controlled
  • 1,000 Watt Surface-Mount Electric Wall Heater, Convection Design
  • 34″ x 34″ Gravity Ventilator

X-Caliber Shipping Container

  • 20′ Single Trip Shipping Container

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