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After a long day out in the field, make equipment clean up quick and easy with an Altas Copco Portable Air Compressor.  Whether you choose to blow down all the excess cotton, dirt and debris in the field or back at the barn, the Atlas Copco XAS 110 or 188 portable air compressor makes air accessible anywhere.

Available in both a trailer or a truck mount configuration, the uses for a portable air compressor goes well beyond the barn.

Benefits of using a portable air compressor:

  • Prevent fires by safely cleaning excess cotton, dirt and debris from strippers, module feeders and other tractor equipment
  • It’s lightweight, maneuverability and small footprint makes storing easy
  • The 110 CFM delivers enough air volume to get the job done but at a lower cost and considerably less fuel usage.
  • If more air is needed the 188 CFM has the highest volume in its class (compared to 185 CFM machines)
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