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About Us

Brandon and Clark, Inc. is a diversified industrial sales and service company specializing in the field of electrical and rotating apparatus.

Our sales and service solutions can be divided into five main segments:

electric motor repair
transformer repair
field service
controls and automation
new product sales

The Brandon and Clark Difference

In today’s “commoditized” competitive landscape it can be hard to see what makes one solutions provider different from another. It might be tempting to go with the lowest bidder, right? Even though on the surface it might appear “all are equal,” that is far from the truth.  When it comes to repair, quality control, repair methodology, testing capabilities, materials used, experience and repair equipment all influence the repairs at hand. Beyond our fundamental differences also comes the value we can add to your industry, business or process.

Total Solutions

Our goal at Brandon & Clark is to provide our customers with a complete electrical solution, from the substation and distribution lines, to the transformer on the pole, to the motor control equipment, to the automation system, and finally to the motor and other auxiliary equipment, we sell and service it all.

Quality Products

We don’t sell “Cheap” products, only Cost Effective solutions.

Products that fail cost you more in the long run, so we believe when you start with the best you can expect higher payback in the form of efficiency gains, cost savings and decreased downtime.

Research and Development

It’s Brandon and Clark’s mission to, “always strive to embrace state-of-the-art technology of our industry in order to provide a level of value-added quality.” Not only do we want to embrace technology, we are creating new technologies designed for the betterment of our industry. Our Research and Development team is working hard all for your benefit.

News, Events and other Highlights

Siemens TIA Portal : In Plain Text

As machines advance in complexity and the mass globalization of industrial machinery continues to expand, automation systems are being tasked with handling increased workloads and processing more complex algorithms. With these growing demands comes the need for not only a more capable and robust programming languages, but also for more transparency for the operator and engineers who support the solution in the field.

Join Siemens for a 90-minute live, guided introduction to implementing text-based solutions inside the TIA Portal in both the programming environment and in the operator interface. New and experienced users to Siemens automation products, will learn a basic, best practices approach to creating programs in the Structured Control Language (SCL), adding multilingual comments and objects to projects.

When: Wednesday, December 3, 2020
Time: 1:00pm (CST)

Control Panel Online Symposium

Siemens is proud to partner with UL, TÜV, EPLAN, RITTAL and WSCAD to bring to you the 2nd Annual Control Panel Online Symposium!

Learn about recent changes in industrial control panel standards, best practice examples for electrical design, trends in control panel manufacturing, ways to improve engineering efficiency, and much more! The Control Panel Online Symposium comes directly to you with 20 technical seminars, virtual trade show booths, and experts standing by to answer your questions live.

When: Wednesday, December 9, 2020
Time: 8:00am – 4:00pm (CST)

2021 Siemens Industrial Control Product Catalog

The 2021 interactive Industrial Control Catalog is now available for download!  From breakers to starters, all your industrial product needs are covered with Siemens. Need help determining what product fits your needs? Brandon and Clark is here to guide you through the decision making process!

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