Trusted by Manufacturers for Repair and Service

Trusted by Manufacturers for Repair and Service

Brandon and Clark is an approved warranty service provider for:

  • Siemens
  • WEG
  • TECO

Siemens Service Delivery Partner


Your electric motor is an asset! It’s the heartbeat of your system or process.
 Choosing a motor repair facility that is qualified for motor repair is one of the most important decisions you can make when caring for your equipment. Long lead times for repair or poor workmanship are just not acceptable when uptime and production are on the line.

Question is, how do you choose or qualify a repair facility? One way to qualify a facility is to listen to manufacturer’s recommendations.

Brandon and Clark has been identified by Siemens, as one of their seven Approved Service Delivery Partners.

As it relates to Siemens, we are their partner for repair of:

  • Siemens LV Standard and Nonstandard Motors
  • HV Asynchronous slip ring motors
  • HV Asynchronous squirrel cage motors >1000V
  • HV Synchronous machines
  • DC and NEMA motors
  • Siemens PD LD Generators

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