Taking Maintenance from Preventative to Predicative and from Reactive to Proactive

Taking Maintenance from Preventative to Predicative and from Reactive to Proactive

Protecting the asset along with your profitability

Brandon and Clark can take your maintenance efforts from preventive to predicative, from reactive to proactive through condition monitoring services. 

Condition monitoring is the process of understanding your equipment’s current and trending characteristics that indicates the health of your asset. 

Condition monitoring services are tasks done regularly that include:

  • Vibration analysis
  • Alignment services
  • Motion amplification
  • Thermal imaging
  • Oil sampling
  • Air leak detection

Condition Monitoring Services

It’s no big secret that routine maintenance is key to extending the life of your equipment.  Whether those maintenance tasks are performed by an on-staff team member of yours or if you choose to enlist the help from Brandon and Clark, the work must be done.

Sure you could run to failure, but what is that downtime costing you?  Lost production, equipment replacement, lost revenue, your job… are all things at stake when equipment is down and these negative consequences can be avoided in most circumstances.

Choosing to partner with Brandon and Clark to monitor your equipment’s condition is like shining a light on equipment in danger of failure before it goes down, enabling you to make well informed proactive decisions to protect equipment, production and profitability.

Vibration Analysis

All rotating equipment vibrates to some degree, the key is to monitor the equipment and take action before any serious damage can become an expensive problem.

Vibration in electrical equipment can be caused by imbalances in the rotating parts, uneven friction, the meshing of gear teeth, bearing wear and a number of other causes.

Vibration analysis, from Brandon and Clark, can detect the early warning signs of machine failure, allowing you to make the decision to repair or replace the equipment BEFORE an expensive failure and downtime occurs.

Vibration analysis can be applied to: motors, mechanical drives, pumps, gearboxes and compressors.

Alignment Services

The proper alignment of coupled machinery is crucial to the performance and effciency of that piece of equipment. Misaligned machinery are more likely to experience seal and bearing failure, excessive vibration all resulting in damage to the equipment, production loss and downtime. A misalignment can be detected during routine preventative maintenance such as vibration analysis.

Laser alignment can be applied to compressors, pumps, motors, turbines, generators, gearboxes, fans, propeller shafts, conveyors and blowers and can be done in the field. Our staff has been trained to perform vibration analysis and laser alignment on vertical, horizontal and parallel configurations.

Motion Amplification

Motion amplification technology, is a powerful tool that allows you to literally see a problem as well as the solution of your equipment, including its surroundings and application.

Motion amplification utilizes patented technology to measure deflection, displacement, movement and vibration of equipment and structures not visible to the human eye. Utilizing a high-performance video streaming camera, in conjunction with one-of-a-kind software and processing algorithms, we are able to extract meaningful data that resolves problems. This technology turns every pixel within the camera’s view into a sensor capable of measuring vibration or motion with unparalleled levels of accuracy.

There is no physical connection or disruption to your operations, machinery, plant assets or a need for shut down to perform this service, therefore, there is no costly downtime.

As it relates to condition monitoring, motion amplification helps to identify and validate what other complimentary services are discovering such as trending analysis, thermal imaging, vibration analysis. When you can take into account everything surrounding a piece of equipment, even the ground on which the equipment stands, and we are moving beyond just data collecting to true problem prevention.

Thermal Imaging

Understanding and developing a base line of the operating temperature of your equipment is a key piece of data to track and trend.  One of the major causes of failure in equipment is overheating conditions which then leads to other component stresses and degradation. 

Thermal imaging is a service that can determine surface temperatures as well as identify “hot spots” that need to be addressed. 

The use of thermal imaging can aide in:

  • Early detection of faults
  • Better planning for maintenance and repair tasks
  • Used on electrical, mechanical and process applications

Transformer Oil Sampling and Conditioning

Gas contamination and moisture are two of the most destructive agents in a transformer. Our hot oil/degassing mobile processor can eliminate the gas contaminates as well as reduce the elevated moisture levels within your mineral oil, which will extend the life of the transformer.

Dissolved Gas Analysis is a vital test performed on the oil in the transformer. Oil analysis can reveal a variety of phenomena such as arcing, partial discharge, moisture contamination and overheating.

Keeping trending records and performing regular DGA testing will ensure the health of your transformer and prevent any unscheduled downtime.

Air Leak Detection


An air audit service provided by Brandon and Clark, will determine:

  • A baseline of energy use
  • Peak and off peak usage in date and time format
  • Brandon and Clark will provide suggested changes to improve the efficiency and reduce costs
  • Simulations within our auditing tool will tell you exactly the expected outcome if recommended changes are made and the expected payback time.