From Field to Fiber Services for the Cotton Gin Industry

From the Ground Up, Brandon and Clark, Inc. is there to construct, automate and maintain the most efficient cotton gin. With safety, speed and quality we help you achieve maximum value for your cotton and seed.

Gin Services

Construction Services


Brandon and Clark’s gin construction services range from brand new construction to retrofitting existing gins. We work closely with gin management, the general contractor and equipment manufactures to design a gin that maximizes the space given and achieve efficient work flow and maximum production.

  • New construction
  • Retrofit

Electrical Services

  • Licensed electrical contractor
  • Electrical conduit and wiring installation
  • Electrical system upgrades
  • Power and service installation
  • Communication networks
  • Low and medium voltage power systems
  • Electric motor installation and service
  • Automation and control
  • Full service to the compressed air system
  • Module feeder control
  • Gin stand control
  • Ginner’s console
  • Bale press control
  • Battery condenser
  • Lint cleaner control
  • Box Turner

Compressed Air Systems for Cotton Gin Applications

Air, primarily, is the means by which cotton travels throughout the entire ginning process. Balancing the right moisture levels within that air directly effects the quality of the end product. Air must be at times heated, humidified, dried or moisture added all within one system and at any given time while in production. Air also enables pneumatic equipment to run. To understate the importance of air in a gin operations is a grave mistake.  Not only is air a critical element within the system it can also be a huge consumer of power.  Profitability is influenced by how a gin manages its compressed air system.

Air Pipe Installation Service

Getting air in and throughout the gin to facilitate the entire process is a task Brandon and Clark is accustomed to doing. We understand that a poorly designed air system results in inefficiency, loss of productivity and profitability. Therefore, before a single pipe is installed our staff works side by side with gin managers to identify exactly what velocity and pressure requirements are needed to work with the equipment in place and to maximize the system’s efficiency.

Installation Services Include:

  • Air audit will be performed
  • The results of the audit will aide in the determination of properly sizing the pipe to be installed
  • Piping will be simple and as direct as possible to avoid unnecessary elbows and valves
  • Once installation is complete, analysis of the system will be performed to insure efficiency gains are realized

Quality Pipe = Quality Air

Just as the great are the advances made in the controls of a gin, so is the pipe technology available today.

  • Rapid Air Fast Pipe or “Blue Pipe” is an aluminum product and the preferred choice of air pipe today
  • Utilization of this latest pipe technology allows us to avoid having to glue, thread, weld or solder thus eliminating leak potential
  • Expansions to the system can be done easily and quickly and less costly than with older cast iron systems
  • Quality pipe material ensures no corrosion in the pipe or fittings resulting in a longer life
  • Smooth inner wall and sealed connections = Energy Efficiency

Box Turner Retrofitting

Box Turner Retrofitting Can Increase Bales Produced

Brandon and Clark can retrofit your existing box turner and increase its turn rate to significantly turn out more bales per hour!

The average box turn time is 10-12 seconds, we can speed that up to, approximately only 4 seconds!! This improvement to turns can equate to a 2 or more bales produced outcome.

Retrofitting is:

  • Quick and easy!
  • Requires only a slight modification to the bottom seal and bottom sprocket of your box turner
  • Compatible for all press types – above and below ground
  • Retrofitting can be accomplished with your current ginning staff
  • Any recommended electrical components will be installed by our electrical staff and is backed by our warranty and your 100% satisfaction

Automate My Cotton Gin