• Repair
  • Recondition
  • Redesign
  • Rewind
  • Conventional capabilities: 30 MVA, 161 kV class, 350 kV BIL
  • Auto capabilities: 50 MVA, 161 kV, class 650 kV BIL
  • Coil construction layer, helical, disc
  • Hi-density insulation used for cylinders, barriers, blocks, key spacers and core insulation
  • Copper wire has either a dennision or a nomex insulation
  • Re-insulate core
  • Minor rebuild or a complete overall on load tap changer
  • Upgrade control components
  • Replace old conduit
  • Upgrade radiators to de-mountable style
  • Upgrade gauges and bushings
  • Core and coil are dehydrated for moisture reduction
  • All gaskets are replaced and radiator flange valves are re-packed
  • Tank and radiators get a new paint job and detail package


Electrical tests include:

  • transformer turns ratio (TTR)
  • insulation resistance
  • winding/conductor resistance
  • Doble testing
  • SFRA
  • applied potential (hi-pot)
  • induced potential (double induced)
  • load, no-load test
  • CT test
  • Heat run (optional)
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