Superior Motor Repair starts in the Oven.

In order to provide the very best motor repair, rewind or rebuild, you must first begin with the cleanest motor possible. To achieve these results the removal of old varnish, paint and insulation must take place. Brandon and Clark is equipped with a fully controlled pyrolysis cleaning, or “burn out”, oven that allows us to easily and quickly remove old material in a manner that is safe for the equipment and the environment.

By design, Brandon & Clark painted it’s burnout oven WHITE so that if soot were to ever appear, indicating that outside air is coming in, we then can check for any air leaks around the door’s gaskets.

Removal of Unwanted Materials

Direct fire on a piece of apparatus is damaging and can cause deterioration of iron lamination insulation; ultimately shortening the life of that piece of equipment. Brandon and Clark’s controlled pyrolysis oven, the thermal decomposition of organic materials, does not use fire, acid, strippers or solvents to remove materials but rather by regulated, even temperature. We are able to clean any size stator with any insulation system including, random-wound, formed coils, VPI, pour-on, thick cast or dip and bake. The automatic controls of the oven ensures an even temperature throughout the cabinet and ultimately throughout the equipment via temperature monitoring of the part, “core control”. The water spray system controls the rate of vapor emissions, preventing fire ignition or over-heating conditions in the oven. The burner flame of the oven is confined to the combustion chamber, never coming in contact with the piece of equipment.


With superior repair and quick turnaround time as our goal, we are able to quickly remove old material meanwhile protecting the equipment itself while avoiding incomplete runs or poor burn out results. The sooner we are able to remove old material, the sooner the equipment can move to the next phase of repair.

Safe for the Environment

Adhering to strict EPA regulations and rules, our method of material removal is environmentally friendly. The smoke and gas driven off during pyrolsis is consumed by a 1400 degree afterburner leaving only small amounts of water vapor and carbon dioxide to exit the stack, which are invisible, odorless and harmless.

Extra-Large Capacity – 15’ x 15’ x 16’

Brandon and Clark is proud of its ability to serve customers with extra-large equipment.  With a footprint of 20’ x 19’ x 17’ and interior dimensions of 15’ x 15’ x 16’, our oven is the largest in the region.  Eliminating the need for a third-party crane operator, our facility is such that a semi truck can pull directly into our building and with 50-tons of lifting capacity can be unloaded in a climate controlled environment.

Oven Advantages:

  • Safely strips the stator and parts without damage
  • Fire prevention
  • No pollution
  • Large capacity
  • Efficient
  • Automatic controls to regulate the temperature
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