Electric Motor Training

Standard and Custom Classes Available

Proper motor installation and maintenance will ensure that your equipment will run efficiently and meet its life expectancy.  Brandon and Clark will help guide and train you to identify areas that you can apply to your maintenance processes.

Each topic is one-hour long and can be held either at your facility or ours!

Title Course Description
Preventative Maintenance
  • Includes failure classifications and root cause methodology
  • Develop a maintenance strategy and program
  • Basic maintenance of motors and controls
Motor Installation

Includes motor selection, pre-installation, positioning and aligning, accessories, electrical and maintenance

External Motor Lead Connections

Includes nameplate and wiring diagram explanation, numbering systems, 6 lead connections, 9 lead connections and 12 lead connections

Lubrication Fundamentals

A guide to longer bearing life in four parts; lubrication basics, proper lubrication, types of lubricants and application of lubrication

Bearing Failures

Includes failure patterns and history, bearing temperatures, vibration and shock, shaft currents, vertical motor bearings and sleeve bearings

Shaft Bearing Currents

Includes recognizing symptoms, determining the presence of, possible causes, methods to confirm and solutions to control or eliminate

Winding Cause of Failure

Includes failure mode, failure pattern, appearance, application and maintenance history

Electric Motors in an Hour

Includes history, anatomy, ratings, nameplate, application, construction, core loss, and testing

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