Custom Panel Racks to Meet your Site-Specific Needs

Listed here is our most popular package options, we can customize any of our panel racks to meet your specifications.

FeaturesPackage Option #1Package Option #2
25′ x 8′ two sided electrical rack with roof and LED lighting x x
PLC cabinet x x
UPS cabinet 2 UPS cabinets 1 UPS cabinet
Battery box 2 Battery boxes 1 Battery box
VSAT cabinet x x
Heat trace contactor panel x 
70A safety switch x 
Transformer disconnect x x
Lighting panel transformer x x
Lighting panel x x
Size 1 pump panel for air compressor #1 x x
Size 1 pump panel for tank circ pump x 
Size 3 pump panel for lact transfer pump #1 x 
Expandable space for an additional 8 more pump panels x 
Size 1 pump panel for transfer pump #1 x optional
Size 1 pump panel for transfer pump #2 x optional


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