• Repair
  • Recondition
  • Conversions
  • K-factor designs
  • Custom manufacturing
  • Failure analysis
  • “Will fit advantage”
  • Up to 5,000KVA up to 13.8kV
  • Custom spare manufacturing
  • VPI
  • Premium materials: nomex and glastic fiberglass insulation and copper wiring
  • IEEE and ANSI design and testing

Superior Process

All dry type transformer repairs are produced with class H high temperature materials and have varnish applied to the coils through a vacuum pressure impregnation process “VPI” providing a superior insulation system. The VPI process reduces microscopic air bubbles in the varnish coating which is responsible for damaging corona discharge that can significantly degrade the life of the transformer.


Brandon and Clark’s engineering staff is capable of performing redesigns of dry type transformers. Redesign capabilities include:

  • changing primary and secondary voltages
  • KVA
  • K-factor rating
  • converting designs to copper conductor material

Repair Makes Cents

Repair makes sense for your budget and your project timeline. When Brandon and Clark repairs dry type transformers, materials such as core steel and cabinetry are reused saving money in comparison to replacement with a new unit.  The repairing of a dry type transformer can be achieved at a significantly quicker timetable than that associated with building a new unit.

"Will Fit Advantage"

By repairing your dry type transformer, it guarantees that the unit will fit as expected when installed, preventing costly time and modification efforts

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