Brandon and Clark offers a Complete Horizontal Pump Solution

Would you like to have just one source to go to for your horizontal pump systems? One that could provide the whole package: electrical distribution equipment, variable frequency drive or soft start, electric motor, pump, skid, all complete. How would you like to have one source to go to when the system is giving you trouble? One that will help solve your problem instead of pointing fingers at all you other suppliers? We have provided the motors and VFDs for these systems for years. Now, Brandon and Clark has teamed up with HOSS Pumps to provide you a complete and superior system. Couple that with our service and repair capabilities and we are your one stop for your horizontal pump system needs.

Applications for Horizontal Pumps:

  • Deep well water injection
  • Transfer pumping
  • High pressure transfer and booster pumps
  • Pipeline booster pumps
  • Water flood sites
  • Jet Pumps
  • De-scaling operations
  • Dewatering applications
  • Refineries, mills and foundries
  • Municipal water systems


Traditionally, other types of pumps have been used for these types of applications such as: PD pumps, screw pumps, triplex, and others of the same type. The problems with these pumps are the higher cost and longer delivery times. When you consider the additional maintenance cost that these types of pumps require it becomes a major cost burden.

Advantages of Horizontal Pumps:

  • Simplified installation
  • Flexible operation
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Quiet operation
  • Virtually vibration free operation
  • Modular assembly
  • Broad pressure and flow capabilities
  • Simple installation

  • Lower Maintenance Cost

  • Virtually Vibration Free

Why HOSS Horizontal Pumps?

HOSS Horizontal Thrust Chamber

The HOSS Pump’s patented horizontal thrust chamber (HTC) is original in design. It was created based on failure analysis that revealed: the lack of proper lubrication and high temperatures created by the over loaded bearings was the most common cause failure. So the HOSS HTC does not have any regular contact bearings and the HTC is fully flooded with oil that is circulated through a cooler package, cooling and lubricating the single thrust bearing. Also, the HOSS thrust chamber is isolated from the wet seal so if you have a seal failure it will not contaminate the thrust chamber which minimizes the damage. Having thrust chamber failures? HOSS’s thrust chamber can be retrofitted onto other provider’s systems to solve those costly failures once and for all.

HOSS Pumps System Assembly - Top View

The HOSS Skid

The typical skid is built as a single I-beam construction with a raised platform for the motor to be mounted on. The problem with this design is that it is not stable. It has a lot of flex in the skid due to the lack of rigidity of the framework. If the skid is flexing and moving, the system cannot hold its alignment. This can cause early pump, motor and/or HTC failure. If you have had repeat failures of your pump bearings and motor bearings, this is likely the cause.

The HOSS skid is built on a ladder box design. This design allows the skid to have a self cancelation of vibration frequencies. By having the sides open and only braced in key locations they take advantage of the harmonics of the system. The stiffer design helps control deflection on the system which in turn helps protect its precise alignment.

The HOSS skid can fit any size motor from a 25 HP all the way up to 1250 HP without changing any of the design, just the length of the motor plate itself. Because the HOSS HTC is designed to operate in any position the whole system can be stood vertically if space is a problem.

The HOSS skid is modular, so extra skid components can be added to increase the length of the pump in order to adjust to pumping conditions.

HOSS Pumps System AssemblyPhotos and images courtesy of HOSS Horizontal Pumps

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