Oil-lubricated gas screw compressors


Atlas Copco’s lubricated gas screw compressors meet your needs for dry biomethane and methane applications for pressures up to 16 bar(a) (232 psia). Single-stage, water-cooled and directly-driven, these compressors benefit from the latest technologies and variable speed drive.

  • Efficient capacity control – Variable Speed Drive can regulate the capacity of the compressor to keep inlet pressure constant, depending on the application.
  • High efficiency and consistent performance – The GG-VSD’s highly efficient rotor profile maximizes the flow and minimizes the horsepower. Direct drive through a flexible coupling means no gear losses or wasted energy.
  • Sturdy design – Superior shaft seal design and unparalleled precision manufacturing combine to ensure durable quality year after year. This makes the GG-VSD gas compressor the optimal solution for gas grid applications.
  • Compact and easy to install – This single stage compressor takes up minimal floor space. Frame-mounted, the GG-VSD gas compressor comes as a complete all-in package which can easily be integrated in your process.
Working pressure 217 psig
Installed motor power 121 HP
Capacity 31.81 – 219.11 scfm
Inlet pressure 15.95 – 20.31 psia
Gases handled dry biomethane/methane
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