Legacy PLC Product Upgrades and Conversion

Every automation system becomes outdated sooner or later and the installed products must be replaced with new ones. The choice then becomes, do I upgrade my existing product or consider a new manufacturer’s platform? You’re not alone in this decision making process. Brandon and Clark is an integrator for many fine manufacturers and are able to offer experienced advice. We’ve seen what works well in the field and for a wide variety of applications and conditions.

If you find yourself at a place where you’ve invested heavily in industrial automation, but your legacy components have become an obstacle to growth and innovation, you have a case for change.

A Case for Change:
My current system needs to be migrated when:

  • There is a growing threat of unscheduled downtime and system faults
  • Vendor has dead-ended or phased out legacy hardware and no spare parts are available
  • Legacy system cannot support new information technology that enables competitive advantage
  • Capitalizing on a new or emerging business opportunity is impossible without a new system
  • Old system is inflexible and cannot adapt to rapid shifts in customer demand
  • A mature system does not provide needed data transparency or diagnostics
  • Legacy system has reached maximum capacity or would require a significant investment to add capacity
  • Continually escalating costs to procure obsolete/legacy parts

Frequently Asked Questions

Challenges How we Help
I need to keep my plant running during the migration process. Brandon and Clark and SIEMENS will implement change according to need with a stepped or phase approach that will allow you to retain your current level of productivity.
How can I make sure I don’t lose years of code/tribal knowledge that makes my current system work? SIEMENS’ no-charge code-conversion services ensure the protection of your assets while upgrading you to the state-of-the-art TIA Portal that retains your current structures and naming conventions, allowing for familiarity from the start.  This allows you to meet the challenges of future automation architecture.
How am I going to train my personnel on this new system and get the support I need? Your partnership with Brandon and Clark and SIEMENS ensures your success with knowledge and support through consulting services online and in the field. We offer training services in-person and virtually. There is always technical and engineering support as well as application engineers ready to provide assistance.

"Modernization Made Easy" when it's with Brandon and Clark and SIEMENS

Benefits for Managers
Benefits for Managers
Benefits for Engineers
Benefits for Engineers
Benefits for Maintenance Pros
Benefits for Maintenance Pros
Benefits for Integrators
Benefits for Integrators

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Promotional Offer - GE Conversion

Valid March - December 2019

For a limited time, qualified projects can take advantage of a no charge Fundamentals of TIA System Engineering workshop and starter kits and discounted training and PLCs.

Who Qualifies?

  • Application must be a conversion with GE PLCs as existing installed base
  • Projects with $50K or more of Siemens Factory Automation Product (PLC, IO, SW, HMI, IPC, SCADA) in total value

Promotion Includes:

  • No charge – Fundamentals of TIA System Engineering – two day on-site workshop, up to six engineers

  • 60% discount on two SITRAIN courses of customer choice

  • One S7-1500 starter kit for in-house testing/training

  • PLC exchange – 70% discount off list for Siemens PLCs toward project, with GE PLC exchange (*up to five Siemens CPUs maximum, one Siemens CPU for every two GE PLCs turned in)

S7-1500 Starter Kit

Components of the Starter Kit SIMATIC S7-1500

  • SIMATIC S7-1500 CPU 1511C-1 PN
  • SIMATIC Memory Card, 4 Mbyte
  • Rail 160mm
  • STEP7 Professional V15.1, 365 day license
  • Power Supply PM 70W 120/230 V AC
  • Standard Ethernet CAT 5-Cable
  • Screwdriver

In addition with TIA Portal V15.1*:

  • SIMATIC ProDiag S7-1500 for the use of 250 supervisions
  • SIMATIC OPC UA S7-1500 Small, Single
  • Runtime License
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