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About the PBIOS

“Every even-numbered year, the Permian Basin International Oil Show, Inc. brings together people from every phase of the petroleum industry. Leaders come to Odessa, Texas from every corner of the world to learn about the latest technology, the newest equipment, to transact business and renew friendships.”  www.pboilshow.org/about

Brandon and Clark has been a participant of the PBIOS for decades and our products and services to the oil and gas industry continues to grow and evolve as does the needs and objectives of the industry.

We want to be your trusted partner in the industry.

Visit us at Booth #OS219-220
October 16-18 in Odessa, TX

What's in the Booth

This year, Brandon and Clark’s focus is to demonstrate how we can help you with your need for: POWER, PROCESS, PRODUCTION, and PROTECTION.


The need for POWER, whether it be for downstream, midstream or upstream is critical. Without it, process is impossible. Brandon and Clark is capable supplying incoming power through its transformer capabilities and down the line to electric motors and controls.


The need for reliable PROCESS equipment is a contributing factor between showing a profit or a loss. When equipment is down the trickle down effect is not desirable. Brandon and Clark can help maintain equipment and offer quality product solutions that meets your reliability needs and equipment diagnostics via Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) solutions.


Meeting PRODUCTION goals is a key objective and having the most efficient system in place increases your output potential. We have automation systems that tie into your existing infrastructure that offers remote monitoring and control of equipment, assist with data acquisition, offers flexibility and reduces engineering costs.


There is no price tag when it comes to PROTECTION of life. The simple act of conducting an arc flash study could be the very thing that saves a life not to mention the equipment and surrounding environment.

Featured Equipment:

  • Customer Transformer Capabilities
  • Stiff Shaft Motor Technology
  • Vertical Solid Shaft Motor
  • HX7 Plus Pack Drive

Featured Equipment:

  • Custom Controls
  • Global Severe Duty (SD) Motors
  • Information on H-Pumps
  • TIA Portal Engineering Software
  • Siemens S7 Automation Hardware

Featured Equipment:

  • Custom Controls with Integrated Automation
  • Information on Gas Compressors and Custom Skid Packages
  • TIA Portal Engineering Software
  • Siemens S7 Automation Hardware

Featured Equipment:

  • Equipment Safety Products and Controls
  • Siemens S7 PLC Hardware with Integrated Safety
  • SIMOCODE Motor Protection

Featured Services:

  • Electric Motor Repair
  • Transformer Services
  • Custom Variable Frequency Drive Services

Featured Services:

  • Reliability Services such as Preventative Maintenance for Motors, Pumps and Transformers

Featured Services:

  • Automation Services
  • Skid Packaging Solutions

Featured Services:

  • Arc Flash Studies
  • Coordination Studies
  • Safety Integrated Custom Controls
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